Creative workshop summary

The ‘Unlocking the creative learning city’ workshop presented a unique opportunity to bring together a group of South Asian women from the Dhek Bhal community with our research team and a local community artist.  The workshop took place on 7th June 2017, with  participants drawn from a broad range of backgrounds, from Pakistan and India. Many of the participants work within and across multiple sectors and roles. It was this diversity of background and experience that led to really fruitful discussion about the participants’ individual learning experiences.
In the opening session, Magda Buchczyk (University of Bristol), Eleanor Shipman (Something Good Something Useful) and Zehra Haq (Dhek Bhal) set the scene for the day, placing the workshop in the context of the Reinventing Learning Cities Project. In the afternoon, the group embarked on a design of a collaborative textile project. Drawing on the conversations about personal learning,  the participants were encouraged to experiment with a selection of materials to create a large embroidered patchwork which will be presented during a public exhibition, Learning City: A Self Portrait, taking place from 25 August in Hamilton House, Bristol.

This workshop, funded by the Brigstow Institute, was a one of the two events, exploring the creative possibilities of some of the research themes.

A short description of the activities and the piece by Eleonor Shipman can be found here:


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